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Beautifying Your Indoors Space

Four Elements To Include In A Child's Bathroom

by Antonia Ramos

If you're remodeling a bathroom that is or will be used by children, it's essential to make your renovations with the little ones' needs in mind. The following elements will make your bathroom safer and easier for children to use.

A Light-Up Toilet Seat

Are you tired of cleaning up messes after your child misses the toilet late at night? Maybe your little one is scared to use the toilet in the dark. A light-up toilet seat is the solution to your problems. The seat lights up (often in a fun color) after dark, so your child cannot miss it. These seats are typically powered by electricity, so make sure your contractor knows a light-up seat is on your must-have list before your remodeling begins so he or she can place the outlets appropriately.

Non-Skid Bathtub Flooring

While there are stickers you can add to a bathtub floor to prevent slipping, they tend to peel and are thus not as safe an option as a floor that has built-in non-skid lining. If your kids will be the exclusive users of this bathroom, you may want to look for a bathtub where the non-skid marks are colorful or made into a cute design.

A Color Changing Faucet

A good way to prevent your children from burning themselves with hot water is to install a color changing faucet. These faucets typically look like regular nickel or glass faucets when the water is cool, but they turn bright red (or sometimes another color) when the water is hot. Just teach your child never to stick their hands under the faucet when it is red, and you'll prevent a lot of boo-boos.

Built-in Bathtub Steps

Even if you still help your child in and out of the bathtub now, when your child gets a little older, he or she will start tackling this task alone. To make it easier for little ones to get in and out of the tub, have some steps added to your tub design. Make sure they have a non-skid surface to reduce slipping. Generally, steps can be made so that they're easily hidden behind a shower curtain and don't detract from the look of the bathroom.

In addition to including some or all of the elements above, also make sure that your child's bathroom has sinks and toilets that are low enough for your child to use comfortably. You may also want to have locks installed on some cabinets, so you can keep cleaning supplies in there without worrying about your child accessing them. Just communicate these ideas to your contractor, such as those at Apple Creek Homes & Renovations, and he or she can help you create a bathroom space that is perfect for your little ones.