Three Tips For Remodeling Your House

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Remodeling your house can be a major investment to make in your home, but it may be the best option for creating a living area that is perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. Unfortunately, remodeling projects can be rather complicated. For those that have limited experience with these projects, it can be easy to make some oversights that might cause unnecessary cost overruns and other complications. To help you avoid these issues, you should be mindful of the following few home remodeling tips.

Get Approval For Financing Before Choosing A Design

Before you start reviewing designs, you should make sure that you have a solid understanding about your budget. For many homeowners, these remodeling projects will require obtaining financing. If this is the case for your project, you should obtain your loan before you choose a design. This will help to ensure that you know exactly how much money you will be able to comfortably spend on the project. Otherwise, you may accidentally choose a design that will cost far more than what you can afford, which could lead to significant budget overruns.

Prioritize The Changes You Want Made

Once you have chosen a design, you will need to prioritize the various components of the design. During the course of the project, there may be instances where some of the changes become impractical or conflict with each other. For example, you may want an island and countertop bar in the kitchen, but there may only be enough space for one of these additions. By creating a list of priorities for the project, you will be better able to make these choices if they should arise.

Always Leave This Work To Professionals

Some homeowners may want to save the expense of hiring a contractor and perform these remodeling projects on their own. Unfortunately, this can prove to be a serious mistake for them to make. In addition to the risks of incorrectly doing the work, it can be difficult for you to get a better price on the materials than the contractor will be able to find. Lastly, there are some homeowner’s insurance policies that have strict regulations in place concerning remodeling projects. Often, these regulations will require you to hire a licensed contractor to oversee this work.

When you are remodeling your home, it is important for you to be as prepared as possible for the challenges that this project can entail. Receiving your loan prior to choosing a design, prioritizing the changes you want made and hiring a professional like Hybrid Painting & Decor for this project can help to ensure that your remodeling experience goes as smoothly as possible.


3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Upcoming Home Remodel

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A major home remodel can be a lot of work. The planning stage is one thing, but what a lot of do-it-yourselfers find out the hard way is that the actual work of completing the project can be a lot more difficult than they envisioned. While it’s fine to take pride in doing your own work around the house, a major remodel is something you should probably leave to professional remodeling contractors. Here are three things that a professional contractor can help you with on your upcoming remodel.

Keep Your Budget on Track

Remodeling contractors have years of experience and expertise. They will know exactly which materials need to be purchased for the job with very little to no trial and error. Furthermore, when you hire a remodeling contractor, you’ll likely be quoted a set price. You can then rest easy knowing that for the most part, you should be able to pencil that number into your budget and not have any major additional expenses pop up.

Energy Incentives

If you are remodeling an area like  kitchens where there are appliances in play, a good remodeling contractor will be able to recommend ideas to lower your household’s energy footprint. He or she might also be aware of various tax incentives for your city or state that you can take advantage of if you switch to more energy efficient products. All of these ideas will come from their years of service in the field and will require no additional research on your part.

Keep the Project on Time While Freeing Up Your Own

One of the biggest mistakes that people who tackle their own home improvement projects make is to misjudge the amount of time needed to complete a task. Even if you do correctly gauge the timetable, a mistake here or there could set you back hours if not days. Remodeling contractors have their work pretty much down to a science and can give you a very close estimate of when the job will be done. But perhaps the best advantage of hiring someone to do the remodel for you is that it will free you up to concentrate on your work or family while you let someone else worry about the project.

If you are looking to do a major home remodel, it is in your best interest to get professional help. A remodeling contractor can help you stay on budget and on schedule, and might even be able to help you become more energy efficient and save money in the process. Reach out to a local contractor or home renovation service today for more information.

Sandblasting Is An Effective And Creative Way To Clean And Refurbish Your Residence

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Professional sandblasting is a very versatile and effective process to clean and refurbish architectural buildings, surfaces, and structures. This process is especially effective on antique and weathering surfaces that have crumbling paint and disintegrating areas. If left to deteriorate further, these crumbling and peeling surfaces can contaminate their surroundings with paint and rust chips and other debris from years of wear.  Sandblasting removes the old paint, grease, grime, water stains, mold, mildew, and dirt to reveal the basic structure underneath. Here are some ways that you can use sandblasting to refresh and renew your residence:  

  • Sandblast Metal Equipment and Architectural Features – Sandblasting is very effective when used on metal. Steel and iron railings, metal fencing, children’s playground equipment, machinery, patio furniture, metal antiques, iron gates, and other metal objects and structures respond well to the sandblasting process. Sandblasting removes peeling paint, rust, oxides, grease, and grime without damaging the edges or contours of worn structures or equipment. After the old surfaces are removed from the metal structures, another blast of fine sand is applied to smooth and refine the metallic surfaces. This prepares the metal for repainting and refinishing. 
  • Strip and Clean Wood Structures and Wood Decking – Sandblasting can clean up aged wood patios, wood fences, wall sidings, outbuildings, and shingled roofs to return them to their previous conditions. When the old surfaces are gone, these structures can be recolored and resealed with more contemporary products that are far superior to those coatings used years ago. 
  • Sandblast Brick, Masonry, Cement, Flagstone, and Concrete – Sandblasting can clean and renew interior or exterior flooring, walkways, walls, stairs, and other architectural materials. Sandblasting removes old paint, crumbling sealants, mold, mildew, grime, dirt, and other contaminants from these surfaces. Once they have been sandblasted, they are ready to be resealed to protect them from further weathering and aging. 
  • Carve Images and Quotations on Rock and Stone – You can create customized stone markers, monoliths, and monuments for your yard or residential grounds with sandblasting. Decide on a three-dimensional image and/or quote that you would like to carve on a rock or a stone and draft a preliminary sketch to work out scale and placement. You can draw your ideas freehand or use a computer drawing program. Work with a sandblasting company to finalize your design and discuss your choices of color and image depth. 

If you have small objects that you would like to have sandblasted, you can bring them into a sandblasting company to have them refurbished at their location. Larger pieces and structures can be handled onsite at your residence by a trained sandblasting crew. When finished removing old surfaces and contaminants, the sandblasting company can reseal, repaint, and refinish your sandblasted objects and structures as desired. Check with a local sandblasting company like AC Blast And Paint to learn more.

Four Elements To Include In A Child’s Bathroom

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If you’re remodeling a bathroom that is or will be used by children, it’s essential to make your renovations with the little ones’ needs in mind. The following elements will make your bathroom safer and easier for children to use.

A Light-Up Toilet Seat

Are you tired of cleaning up messes after your child misses the toilet late at night? Maybe your little one is scared to use the toilet in the dark. A light-up toilet seat is the solution to your problems. The seat lights up (often in a fun color) after dark, so your child cannot miss it. These seats are typically powered by electricity, so make sure your contractor knows a light-up seat is on your must-have list before your remodeling begins so he or she can place the outlets appropriately.

Non-Skid Bathtub Flooring

While there are stickers you can add to a bathtub floor to prevent slipping, they tend to peel and are thus not as safe an option as a floor that has built-in non-skid lining. If your kids will be the exclusive users of this bathroom, you may want to look for a bathtub where the non-skid marks are colorful or made into a cute design.

A Color Changing Faucet

A good way to prevent your children from burning themselves with hot water is to install a color changing faucet. These faucets typically look like regular nickel or glass faucets when the water is cool, but they turn bright red (or sometimes another color) when the water is hot. Just teach your child never to stick their hands under the faucet when it is red, and you’ll prevent a lot of boo-boos.

Built-in Bathtub Steps

Even if you still help your child in and out of the bathtub now, when your child gets a little older, he or she will start tackling this task alone. To make it easier for little ones to get in and out of the tub, have some steps added to your tub design. Make sure they have a non-skid surface to reduce slipping. Generally, steps can be made so that they’re easily hidden behind a shower curtain and don’t detract from the look of the bathroom.

In addition to including some or all of the elements above, also make sure that your child’s bathroom has sinks and toilets that are low enough for your child to use comfortably. You may also want to have locks installed on some cabinets, so you can keep cleaning supplies in there without worrying about your child accessing them. Just communicate these ideas to your contractor, such as those at Apple Creek Homes & Renovations, and he or she can help you create a bathroom space that is perfect for your little ones.

3 Custom Additions To Your Home That Can Increase Its Value

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When customizing your home, you have to be careful with your upgrades. You don’t always get a great return on your investment should you ever choose to sell your property. If you still want to make your home truly unique while increasing its value at the same time, consider any of these custom additions that will give you a comfortable return on the money invested.

Custom moulding

Crown moulding gives your home a clean finish and can upgrade an otherwise plain living room, dining area, or family room. If your ceilings are high, consider adding ornate crown moulding with pointed round edges. If your ceilings are lower, you don’t want to go much thicker than an inch in width or your crown moulding may overpower a room. Custom moulding designs give your home a unique appeal—just make sure you choose a style that matches the rest of your home’s decor so everything blends well. Contact a local custom contractor for more information.

Custom lighting

Lighting in any room of your house can increase its value and make your home more functional. Choose brass wall sconces for hallways, a skylight in your kitchen or dining area, or cabinet lighting in your kitchen. If you are upgrading lighting in one area of your home, make sure to add special touches to other areas of the house as well, whether you install new light coverings or change all your bulbs to energy-efficient designs so your entire home appears upgraded with lighting.

Custom deck

Fiberglass deck designs allow you to have beautiful railings and ledges that blend well with the rest of your landscape. Your deck should not be so large that it actually takes over your yard. As a common rule, your deck should be no larger than the largest room in your home. Make sure your deck has access to the yard as well as plenty of space for outdoor furniture so the space is both beautiful and functional as an outdoor room. You can help your deck blend well with your yard by adding potted plants or climbing vines along its perimeter.

Your home should be built with your own comfort in mind, but it should also serve as an investment you can get a return on should you ever choose to sell. In doing upgrades that other buyers can appreciate, you can still enjoy the personal custom touches you add to your home without compromising its value. From a lovely deck to crown moulding, you can make your home truly unique.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Looking Like New

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Keeping your kitchen clean can be challenging if you live in a busy household, but it can be done with the right know-how. One of the biggest targets for grease and dirt in your kitchen is the cabinets since they’re opened often while cooking. Instead of using a chemical solution that can be dangerous around food or scrubbing the doors and ruining the varnish, you’ll want to learn how to clean your cabinetry as best as possible.

The following three tips can help guide you towards getting cabinetry that looks as pristine as when they were first bought and installed by a company like Kitchen Magic.

Consider the Material of Your Cabinets

Not all cabinets are alike, making it so important that you don’t use just any cleaning methods before considering their material. By taking into account the best cleaning techniques for different materials, you’ll be able to avoid damaging the cabinets and will be able to enjoy a clean look without any abrasion.

  • Wood: Wood is generally one of the toughest types of cabinets to clean due to the risk of damaging them. Avoid getting the cabinetry too wet and never use any rough cleaning tools.
  • Laminate: Generally the easiest type of cabinetry to care for since water is safe on laminate and it’s durable against scratches and other damage.
  • Metal: Scratches can occur on metal if you use rough tools, but most cleaning solutions are suitable with this durable cabinet material.

Try a Homemade Cleaning Solution

The best way to ensure that your kitchen is clean and that you won’t be at risk when cooking near your cabinetry is by using a natural cleaning solution made at home. Strong chemicals and particular toxins can pose a threat to you, making it a good idea to try homemade solutions instead. Some popular ingredients for homemade solutions include vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.

Use the Proper Cleaning tools

Rough brushes can be helpful for removing grime that is stuck to your cabinets, but it can also cause scratches if you’re not  carefully. Some good tools for cleaning your cabinets include soft sponges, microfiber cloths, and even squirt bottles that can help distribute your cleaning solution.

Dirty kitchen cabinets can quickly turn the most beautiful kitchen into a space that you may not want to spend a lot of time in, making it important to tackle cleaning on a regular basis. Luckily, safely cleaning your cabinets can be easily done if you use the techniques above and consider your type of cabinets.